Tenants Services

It goes without saying that you want to offer your employees a motivating and inspiring work environment. WTC Schiphol Airport is a prime location, where meeting, interaction and exchanging knowledge and information occupies a key position. Moreover, WTC Schiphol Airport has all the amenities to ensure your comfort and convenience.

Central reception desk

The central reception desk provides general information and/or details about the broad range of facilities available within WTC Schiphol Airport to tenants, visitors and employees.

WTC Management

The WTC Management team, fully understands the importance of personal service. We invest in a long-term and friendly relationship with our tenants so that we know best how to support you and contribute added value to your business operations.

WTC Facilities

In addition to a security service, WTC Schiphol Airport has preferred suppliers for a diverse range of facilities services (WTC Facilities). These are geared specifically towards the needs of tenants, employees and visitors and provide all possible general and technical services at competitive prices. Amongst the services offered are ICT services, office supplies, telephony, cleaning and security services, a dry cleaning service, a florist, technical services and more.

WTC Schiphol Business Club

The WTC Schiphol Business Club will keep you informed about current developments in and around the Schiphol region. Get to know each other better, establish new contacts or do business: that´s what the WTC Schiphol Business Club is for! www.wtcschipholbusinessclub.nl

WTC Schiphol Business & Conference Center

The WTC Schiphol Business & Conference Center offers flexible office space where entrepreneurs can enjoy the advantages of an office at WTC Schiphol Airport for shorter periods of time. The Center also provides made-to-measure conference facilities. www.theofficeoperators.nl

Juliets Kitchen

Our company restaurant Juliets Kitchen, offers everything you might expect and more. Where else can you enjoy culinary excellence, spectacular views of the runway and premier Dutch design. This state-of-the-art company restaurant has been voted best company restaurant in the Netherlands.

Coffee Corner

Adjacent to the central reception desk you will find the Coffee Corner, a perfect meeting point as well as a quiet place to work.

WTC Schiphol Art Center

You can buy, rent or lease art at the WTC Schiphol Art Center for yourself or for your business. The Art Center also offers end-of-year gifts, ‘Art gift vouchers´ and works of art on commission. The WTC Schiphol Art Center is also specialised in the organisation of business events with an artistic flair.

Wifi network

he entire third floor has been provided with a Wifi network. There are also various hotspots; perfect for meeting people and fast informal conferences.

Flight information screens

Flight arrival and departure times are posted on the flight information screens at the central reception desk. You can also check in to your flight directly next to the central reception desk. We consider convenience and efficiency for our tenants and visitors to be of paramount importance.

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