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Innovation and growth are deeply rooted in WTC Schiphol Airport. Since the establishment of the Schiphol air base on the drained Haarlemmermeer, this location is the perfect example of innovation. In hundred years the Schiphol area has grown from a polder to a large mainport, where many offices and hotels have settled down and still continue to settle down.

At the time, beside Schiphol, the World Trade Center Association also saw a great opportunity to create a new establishment in this dynamic environment. In 1996, WTC Schiphol Airport started with four office towers. After seven successful years the quota the numbers of towers was doubled, giving the office block the form that it has today.

New design of the public area
When it comes to the comfort of her lessees, WTC Schiphol Airport sets a high standard for itself. Therefore, in 2016 an upgrade of the public area was initiated. This public space is fully equipped with a range of facilities and services to provide lessees with all comforts. For example, different flexible workspaces have been created, where employees can withdraw from the bustle of their workplace. Many services have been added, such as conference rooms, restaurants, bars and relaxing areas, to make sure that nothing is missing for our lessees. Thanks to new lighting, a pleasing architecture and the high quality comfort, WTC Schiphol Airport has undergone a stunning upgrade. The result is a nice place to work and the perfect business card for your company.

Schiphol Airport: from polder to main port
Growth is deeply rooted in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The airport was built during the First World War, on a drained plot of land where originally the Haarlemmermeer was located. Only two years after the construction of the military air base, the airport grew up to five times in original size.

After the war, the airport was mainly used to transport mail and cargo in discarded warplanes. On May 17, 1920, the newly established Dutch Royal Airlines for the Netherlands and its Colonies (later known as the Royal Dutch Airlines or Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, KLM) opened its first scheduled service for passengers traveling between Amsterdam and London.

To keep up with the fast growth of civil aviation, the runway of Schiphol was regularly expanded. When the Dutch government appraised Schiphol as the most important airport of the Netherlands in 1949, this decision set in motion the development of the ‘New Schiphol’. With an enlarged airport, a new train station and the settlement of the first offices, Schiphol started taking its current shape.

Since then, the growth of the airport hasn’t stood still. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the third largest airport of Europe and has grown into an important hub for international air traffic. The area has developed into a true airport city, with a great variety of shops, restaurants, bars, offices and hotels. And Schiphol keeps innovating: meanwhile, a new Masterplan 2025 has been introduced, with which Amsterdam Airport Schiphol invests in the growth of the airport and the comfort of its travelers.

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