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WTC Concept

From the opening of the first World Trade Center in the United States, WTC is a symbol for high-quality services, endless hospitality and an innovative mentality. With about 300 WTC’s in more than 100 countries worldwide, WTC is home to successful entrepreneurs, both on national and international level.

The goal of every WTC is to create a dynamic work environment, where entrepreneurs can get all the support they need to grow their business. This way, The World Trade Center’s Association contributes to worldwide trade and the flourishing of successful companies. Read more about the World Trade Center’s Association.

WTC Management team
An essential part of the WTC Concept is its extensive services. The WTC Management team of WTC Schiphol Airport will make every effort to ensure it that lessees have everything they need.

We believe in the power of personal connections with our lessees. Located in the public area on the third floor, the door of the WTC Management team is always open for you. Whether it is about your office space or the meeting facilities: you can contact us about any wishes or questions you may have.

Club WTC Schiphol
WTC is known worldwide as a synonym for “connecting” individuals and companies. Club WTC Schiphol organizes various events to give impulse to the employee community among all lessees in WTC Schiphol Airport. A great opportunity to share your knowledge with other ambitious entrepreneurs and inspire one another.


Elevate your ambition
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