After more than 10 years at WTC Schiphol, 2019 was a time for reorientation. The contract expired and there was a need for a space with more workplaces. Director of Accuracy, Bas Dantuma, together with his team ultimately opted for WTC Schiphol again. Never change a winning team?


Bas and his team took a really broad view. “In 2019 we looked extensively at another office location. We really enjoyed our time at WTC, but our contract had to be extended and we needed more space. Then of course you start looking around. Even if is just to confirm your choice. Sloterdijk came along, the Zuidas, a villa in Haarlem or in Oud-Zuid. After careful consideration, it turned out to be an internal relocation at WTC Schiphol. That turned out to be the best place for us after all.”

Accuracy is a global financial services provider that offers financial strategic advice in important situations for our clients, such as takeovers, restructurings and disputes. The company was founded in France and has offices all over the world. Was the proximity to Schiphol Airport the deciding factor in the choice of location?

Accessibility key

Bas, who lives in Haarlem, explains that accessibility was an important consideration. “Some of our people come from Delft, The Hague and Amsterdam area. This then is the ideal place. It is easy to drive to and we rent a number of parking spaces. Of course, the proximity to Schiphol Airport is also attractive. Before the coronavirus, we travelled a lot to consult and work on projects with our foreign colleagues. Many of our customers are also organisations operating globally. Our office is therefore also a good place for them to consult. People can easily come here from all over the world.”

It wasn’t just about accessibility. Bas: “Of course it is a large building, but the office area is still small and compact and there’s a good atmosphere. You have the peace and quiet of the office with all the conveniences that it entails. Take the Fortune Bar or STACH, for example. Those are just nice places to go to. To get away from your work for a while. We sometimes organise more informal meetings with clients or recruitment events there as well. The facilities are also excellent. A number of colleagues use the fitness centre, and there is, of course, Schiphol Plaza. You can buy something there, go to the hairdresser. Many colleagues use it on their way to the office or home. I’m happy we stayed here.”

"I'm happy we stayed here"

Bas Dantuma

Director of Accuracy

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