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21 October 2020

WTC Schiphol Airport will soon offer even more opportunities to come together in a lively, informal setting. We already have the Fortune Bar. This venue is currently being renovated, and once it is complete there will be plenty of options for coffee, lunch, drinks and dinner. In addition, right opposite the busy Fortune Bar, a completely new location is being created where people can work, hold informal meetings or catch up. This new area will feature a large outdoor terrace, answering to the wishes of office users. Tessa Vos, of PUBBLIK & VOS, the agency that designed the new concept: ‘Users need to be able to use these spaces as they wish.’

The user has priority in all of PUBBLIK & VOS’s projects, including the design for this new meeting place and working area at WTC Schiphol Airport. ‘The people who work at WTC need to be at the top of their game and they are determined to make their ambitions a reality,’ explains Vos. ‘So they need a place where they can meet clients and celebrate their successes, but also make a quiet telephone call.’

A design that facilitates social contact

This new space has been designed to enable various forms of working and meeting. There are secluded corners for private consultations, but also dining tables for lunch or dinner. The question that guided PUBBLIK & VOS’s social design was: how do we create an area in which people feel comfortable? ‘It’s important that people feel comfortable and secure. We always incorporate a variety of areas into our designs, so that every location reaches the highest standard.’

Old and new

They also try to incorporate as many natural materials as possible into their designs, because these lend real character and uniqueness. ‘The appearance of these materials will change with age and as they are used. It’s always a tense moment – the first stain on a new marble floor, or the first fingerprints on a brass handrail. But in the end, those traces add to the beauty of the materials,’ says Vos. The new design also needed to blend in with the existing location – the Fortune Bar. For this reason, certain materials and furniture are being reused – a form of sustainability that Vos very much approves of.

From story to design

‘Design is a living process,’ says Vos. ‘The user has to be the point of departure, and from there we start by creating a story. That story determines how we interpret the space.’ In the digital age, the boundary between work and hospitality is becoming increasingly indistinct. ‘People are always “on”. That means that we risk becoming more isolated, even though we humans are highly sociable creatures,’ she continues.

These new spaces therefore had to be welcoming, inspiring areas, where you can be with other people or do your own thing. ‘A place that people enjoy spending time in. Because the greatest achievement for us is when users truly value a particular place. That’s when people come back.’

WTC Schiphol Airport

The WTC at Schiphol Airport is a business district where over 2,000 people work. Its eight office towers provide a setting in which ambitions are made reality. It’s a place where professionals can work right in the middle of the dynamic environment of Schiphol, and where you have the high-quality facilities that you need. A place that every organisation can call home - from small businesses to large multinationals. Would you like to locate your business in this dynamic environment, too? Why not take a look at the options that we offer here.

Elevate your ambition
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