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29 November 2019

Thé business center where you literally have the world at your feet, just a five-minute walk away from the departure hall where flights leave daily for some 320 destinations: welcome to WTC Schiphol Airport. This perfect location for businesses with boundless ambition has in the region of 10,000 m2 office space available to let.

Experience the international airport vibe

Head straight for your flight to Milan after a business appointment, or arrive from Berlin right on time for a meeting: since WTC Schiphol Airport is directly connected to the departure hall of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, conducting international business is simply a breeze. The dynamic airport atmosphere also invigorates your office, surrounded by the air traffic control tower and take-off and landing runways. Currently, some 3,000 professionals are realising their ambitions at WTC Airport Schiphol, employed by over 100 internationally oriented companies.

World-class facilities

Conducting boundless business also means having extensive facilities at your disposal, allowing your colleagues to excel, day in and day out. WTC Schiphol Airport has extensive world-class facilities.The popular and stylish Fortune Bar and restaurant Juliet's Kitchen and also the hostesses at the Hospitality Desk, who are ready to assist you whenever needed. Or suppose you need technical support, or have to get something to the dry cleaner's, or want to order a bouquet at the very last minute. It makes no difference which service provided by WTC Schiphol Airport you use: hospitality and refinement are guaranteed. Interested in learning more about building's facilities? Please continue reading here.

Just a few minutes walk away from WTC Schiphol Airport:

Shopping Centre Schiphol Plaza              24/7 children's daycare centre 
Hotels: Sheraton, CitizenM and Hilton Health Club 
Cafés NS Station (railway station with international connections) 
Restaurants VIP Centre for business passengers 


WTC Schiphol Airport: where professionals meet

WTC Schiphol Airport is a place where connection comes first. The lessees are all connected via Club WTC Schiphol, and other professionals based in Schiphol's Central Business District interact both online and offline via the Spot Community. There are also many events taking place involving the WTC, such as TED Talks, brief inspirational sessions and networking events. So working at WTC Schiphol Airport means much more than simply doing business at the airport. Seeking connection and experiencing valuable meetings are other priceless aspects.

10,000 m2 office space to let

At the moment, 10,000 m2 of office space is available to let for ambitious businesses. WTC Management would be more than happy to show you around the available offices and facilities. We would love to welcome you soon!

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Elevate your ambition
WTC Schiphol Airport

Elevate your ambition
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