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8 August 2019

Delicious and fair: the new food concept at WTC Schiphol Airport

A warm welcome at a prime location with international allure

The moment you set foot inside WTC Schiphol Airport, you’ll notice how welcoming the entrance is. There’s the Hospitality Desk to your right, and next to that you’ll find the Fortune Bar: the perfect place to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch, or to unwind with a drink after work. The caterer that runs Fortune Bar is Vermaat Groep, which also operates the Juliet’s Kitchen staff restaurant. Recently, Vermaat launched its brand-new food concept. In this article, we take a look at how the professionals at WTC Schiphol Airport will benefit from this.

Healthy, sustainable and socially responsible

Corporate social responsibility is a primary concern for all tenants at WTC Schiphol Airport, as is ensuring that our staff stay fit and healthy. Through its extensive catering expertise and a brand-new food vision, Vermaat wants to help organisations address these concerns. The new vision is based on three pillars: healthy, sustainable and socially responsible. Thanks to smart innovations, Vermaat is able to to offer healthy meals that are rich in fibre and low in salt, fat and sugar. It also makes use of sustainable solutions when it comes to waste: Vermaat’s coffee grounds, for example, go to a company called GRO, which uses them to grow oyster mushrooms for vegetarian croquettes. Orange peel isn’t just thrown away either, as this contains essential oils which can be used as flavouring by companies like Max and Lowlander to make organic ice cream and non-alcoholic beer. To cut down on plastic waste, Vermaat is exploring other packaging materials, as more and more alternatives become available.

Jackfruit ‘pulled pork’

WTC Schiphol Airport is a prime international business location, and this is reflected in the wide variety of food on offer: there are dishes from many different cultures, with a range of meat, fish and vegetarian options. In order to serve surprising and – most importantly – healthy dishes every day, Vermaat sets monthly challenges for its chefs, asking them to come up with new recipes based on the Vermaat food vision. They haven’t let us down yet, with recipes ranging from a delicious veggie pulled pork made from jackfruit to oven-baked chickpea chips. They’ve also seen great results using a mushroom stem extract to replace salt. Keep an eye on the MS teams’ intranet page or SharePoint for regular updates on food trends and delicious recipes from Vermaat’s chefs.

Encouraging healthy choices

The Fortune Bar and Juliet’s Kitchen are energetic, welcoming environments, where most people will end up eating a little more healthily and sustainably than they would at home. Granola, salads and freshly cut fruit have long been popular choices for the professionals working at WTC Schiphol, but as part of its new vision, Vermaat will be presenting its food in ways that make healthier choices even more appealing. This means that meat, for example, is no longer presented as a standard part of every meal, but as an optional extra. Another direct result of the new vision is that salt shakers have been removed from the tables – they’re still available, but now they’re a short walk away.

Personal touch

Vermaat always listens closely to tenants’ wishes: guests who ask for soy yoghurt will find it waiting for them in the fridge the very next day. Tenants at WTC Schiphol Airport also have access to a dedicated food manager who stays in close touch with them. This allows Vermaat to respond quickly to their wishes, making for a pleasant and highly valued personal relationship. Of course, Vermaat also offers on-demand catering for lunch meetings and other events. With two chefs, it’s possible to offer custom services every day using fresh seasonal products and with a personal touch – from simple sandwiches to multi-course lunches.

WTC Schiphol Airport is a premium office location with high-quality services and facilities.

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