Delicious and honest

8 August 2019

Delicious and honest: the new food concept at WTC Schiphol Airport. Hospitable welcome at a top location with international allure.

There is no entrance more inviting than that of WTC Schiphol Airport. You will immediately see the Fortune Bar to the right of the hospitality desk. The perfect place for a delicious breakfast, a tasty lunch or a cosy drink. All these delicacies are served by Vermaat Group, as is the lunch in the company restaurant, Juliet’s Kitchen. This catering specialist recently launched a brand new food concept. How do the professionals who work in the WTC Schiphol Airport offices benefit from this?

Healthy, sustainable and social

Corporate social responsibility and healthy, fit employees are important to the organisations located at WTC Schiphol Airport. Vermaat’s catering experience contributes to this. Healthy, sustainable and social are the three pillars of the new food vision. Thanks to smart innovations, it’s possible, for example, to prepare tasty and healthy meals with less salt, fat and sugar and more fibre. Sustainable solutions abound. Coffee grounds go to GRO, who uses them to grow oyster mushrooms for its vegetarian croquettes. Orange peels provide essential oils as flavouring for Max’s organic ice cream and the alcohol-free beer, Lowlander. There are more and more alternatives for plastic packaging, and so on, and so on.

Jackfruit ‘pulled pork’

WTC Schiphol Airport is a top location with international allure. There are dishes from different cultures, with meat, with fish or vegetarian. In order to serve surprising and above all healthy dishes every day, Vermaat has monthly challenges for its chefs, to come up with recipes within the new concept. A few examples: Jackfruit can be used to make a delicious vegetarian pulled pork. An extract from the stems of mushrooms is an excellent salt substitute. And what about oven-baked chickpea fries? The chefs keep track of the latest trends and share their best recipes for delicious and honest food on MS Teams (intranet) and SharePoint.

Seducing guests

The Fortune Bar and Juliet’s Kitchen form an energetic environment where people like to come and where they unwittingly eat a little healthier and more sustainably than at home. Granola, main course salads and freshly cut fruit are always popular with the professionals who enjoy a meal or snack here. And the presentation of the food tempts them to make even more healthy choices. For example, meat is not presented as a base, but as an extra. Salt is not on the table as standard; those who want it have to walk a bit to get it.

Customisation with a personal touch

Vermaat listens carefully to what its guests want. Are they missing a soy yoghurt, for example? The next day it’s ready in the fridge. The tenants of WTC Schiphol Airport also have access to a dedicated food manager who keeps in touch with them. That allows Vermaat to respond to their wishes at lightning speed. They value this personal relationship very much. Naturally, customised catering is also part of the service, for example, for a lunch meeting. With two chefs, it’s possible to provide customised service every day – from sandwiches to a high-end lunch, always with fresh seasonal products and a personal touch.

WTC Schiphol Airport is a high-end office location with high-quality services and facilities.

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