WTC Schiphol Airport is easily accessible by any means of transport. Within a few minutes you can walk from your desk to the Schiphol Terminal, one of the most important airport hubs in the world. In addition, WTC Schiphol Airport is easily accessible by car, train or bus from anywhere in the Netherlands. Whether you have an appointment in Amsterdam or Tokyo, doing business worldwide is very easy here.

World Trade Center Schiphol

Schiphol Boulevard 105
1118 BG Schiphol


WTC Schiphol Airport is easily accessible by car. It's located directly on the A4 (Rotterdam-Amsterdam) motorway exit and only a few minutes away from the A5 (Schiphol-Amsterdam), A9 (Amstelveen-Haarlem) and A10 (Amsterdam ring road) motorways. The spacious garage under the office towers means that you're always assured of a parking space.

Public transport

Schiphol train station is a few minutes' walk from your office. From here, you have direct connections to the largest cities in the Netherlands. In less than half an hour, the Intercity Direct will take you to Rotterdam Central Station, for example. International trains to Brussels, Paris and London also call at this station.

From the bus stop at Schiphol Plaza, there is a bus leaving almost every minute. A total of 24 different bus connections means that you're assured of excellent regional accessibility. You can take out an Annual Schiphol Subscription for your employees, which allows them to travel by bus within the Schiphol area free of charge.


Prefer to go to the office by bike? Thanks to the spacious bike shed, you can always find a place to park your bike. Would you like to freshen up after a long bike ride, before getting to work? The shower facilities at WTC Schiphol Airport are free to use whenever you want.


Offering around 320 direct destinations worldwide, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the top three largest airports in Europe. It's an important European hub with space for 108 airlines. In other words: with an office at WTC Schiphol Airport you're easily accessible for employees and customers from all over the world. International business can be that easy.


Directly connected to the world

The location of your office is, naturally, top notch. You are in the most international place in Europe with direct connections all over the world. Large international companies have their home base or offices here. And of course, all the major cities in the Netherlands and Europe are easily accessible from Schiphol by train or car. If you choose WTC Schiphol Airport office space, you choose international allure. A place where people really want to work and where you can really receive your business relations at a high level.

The parking facilities at WTC Schiphol Airport are excellent. There are plenty of parking spaces underneath the building, and you can charge your electric car while you work.

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Something for everyone

Never a dull moment, at least for those who want that. Our offices are an oasis of calm. In the communal areas, things are already starting to buzz, and in and around the public areas, you get the feeling that you’re stepping into a modern metropolis. If that isn’t enough, you can immerse yourself in Schiphol Plaza; a succession of shops, eateries, bars and convenient services for an international audience.

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Everything within reach

If you add up all the facilities of the WTC, Stationsplein and Schiphol Plaza that are available within walking distance, you get an impressive and complete package of services. There is something for everyone. From busy, trendy restaurants to modest lunchrooms where you can enjoy a salad and a good table conversation in peace. From an energetic games area to the serenity of our meditation room.

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