Sustainability and well-being

A healthy and sustainable working environment is the number one priority at WTC Schiphol Airport. We actively pursue these goals on a daily basis, through our green initiatives, our WELL Gold and BREEAM In-Use: Very Good certified sustainable building, and more than 25 facilities that enhance (mental) well-being. WTC Schiphol Airport is the place and community where work and pleasure come together.

Our impact

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Facilities for a pleasant and healthy working environment


Energy label for our towers


Recognised sustainability certificates


Gold certificate

A healthy working environment

BREEAM In-Use: Very Good

BREEAM is the method used to assess, determine and certify the sustainability performance of buildings. With a strong focus on sustainable service, quality improvement and user experience.

Examples of green initiatives included in our BREEAM certificate are motion sensors for lighting and climate control, an extensive recycling programme, car-sharing through AMBER, underground thermal storage system. We exclusively use Ecolabel and Cradle2Cradle certified cleaning products, maintain a sustainable Management & Maintenance contract with the main contractor, including measurable KPIs, data-driven maintenance to reduce breakdowns, climate complaints, energy consumption and corrective maintenance costs.

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Well-being in the spotlight

WELL Gold certificate

WTC Schiphol Airport has achieved the WELL Gold certificate, of which we are proud. This WELL Gold certification officially makes WTC Schiphol Airport a healthy building, where people are more productive and happier, and can focus on their daily work and well-being with maximum comfort and enjoyment.

The WELL Building Standard sets seven high-quality requirements that have a scientifically proven positive effect on people’s well-being and health. These include air and water quality, natural light, climate and acoustic comfort, healthy nutrition, physical activity, and mental health.

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You focus on success, we take care of the rest

Work, well-being and relaxation

A healthy working environment is our top priority. Conviviality and relaxation are an important part of this. That’s why Socialclub organises fun, sporting and educational events and contributes to impactful projects for good causes. We continue to support a healthy lifestyle through an extensive selection of healthy food, comprehensive sports amenities, and room for enjoyment.

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At home in a top international location

Our community

WTC Schiphol Airport is a peaceful and pleasant working environment, despite being connected to all the hustle and bustle around Schiphol. Tenants feel at home in this international setting, which despite its metropolitan character, is small enough for people to really get to know each other.

There’s also the Spot Schiphol Community: an interactive platform for businesses active at Schiphol. Here, you will find everything that could be of interest to you: from events to news. And you can share information with other entrepreneurs. On the spot!

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WTC is truly committed to sustainability; it’s one of their core values. We share this core value, making it a perfect match.

Sasja de Jong-Smith