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Work at a location with the world within reach? It is possible at WTC Schiphol Airport. A unique setting for entrepreneurs with national and international connections and ambitions.

Within a few minutes you can walk from your desk to the Terminal of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the second most important airport hub of the world. Additionally WTC Schiphol Airport is easy to reach by car, train or bus from anywhere in the Netherlands. Whether you have an appointment in Amsterdam or in Tokyo: doing worldwide business suddenly becomes very easy.


WTC Schiphol Airport is in the heart of the ambitious Schiphol Central Business District. The international ambiance and dynamic 24/7 economy exerts a distinct appeal to successful companies. Do you want to meet an international client at one of the cafes at Schiphol Plaza? Read about the countless possibilities at this unique location here.

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Located at one of the three largest airports of Europe, WTC Schiphol Airport is easily accessible for international guests. The same goes for your employees and clients within the Netherlands, making it a superb location. Whether you come by car, train, bus, taxi or bike, an office in WTC Schiphol Airport is easy to reach for everyone. Find out what is the best way to reach WTC Schiphol Airport.

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