In 2010, DIF moved to the tenth floor in the D-Tower. DIF experienced steady growth and in 2019, in addition to the tenth floor, DIF now also rented the entire ninth floor. These two floors were then connected by an open staircase, creating a beautiful, open structure that underlines the transparent character of the office. There are four other tenants in the WTC who, together with the WTC Team, opted for such an extensive renovation in order to continue to grow at this location.


Engel Koolhaas, Senior Director in the asset management team, and responsible for the entire operation from DIF, remembers it well. “First, four complete concrete floor sections were demolished. Then a steel frame was put in place, to hold the staircase and the floor. Two windows on the tenth floor had to be removed to be able to hoist the construction material inside. It has become a beautiful, wide staircase construction that links the offices in a natural way. It feels like one office.”


DIF, true niche player

DIF started in 2005 and has grown rapidly since. Engel: “We are a real, down-to-earth, Dutch company. We are a real niche player and we engage in asset management for large infrastructure projects in which public-private partnerships play a role. Think, for example, about the construction of roads, such as the A1 and A6, but also the construction of large offices. These are long-term projects. For insurance companies and pension funds, which have long-term commitments, such projects are an important part of their investment portfolio.”


Accessibility key

DIF now has offices all over the world. Engel: “We recently opened our tenth office in New York, a foothold in the US market. The location of what is now our headquarters, so close to Schiphol Airport, is therefore ideal for us. Not only because of the proximity to Schiphol. Our office is also easily accessible by train and car. Most of my colleagues live in the Randstad area, so this is an excellent location.”


Hot shower

The range of facilities has improved considerably since 2005, according to Engel: “Of course, we have our own lunch service, but with the arrival of the Fortune Bar, among others, there are plenty of nice places to sit down with business contacts. There is also a good postal service that is frequently used. And the shower facility is also very nice. You do yourself and your colleagues a huge favour with that. If you cycle to the office as a sporty start to the day, you can take a shower here. Towels, soap, everything is there. In the past, you had to go to one of the hotels and that was quite inconvenient. We feel completely at home here.”

"It has become a beautiful, wide staircase construction, that links the offices in a natural way. It feels like one office."

Engel Koolhaas

Senior Director of DIF Capital Partners

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