WTC Schiphol Airport is a special office in its own right. A quiet, pleasant working environment, but at the same time connected to all the hustle and bustle around Schiphol. Four higher office towers, alternating with four lower towers, dominate the façade. Many of the offices offer a fantastic view of Schiphol. On the third floor you will find most of the services, such as the gym, the games area, the mediation room, the service desk, etc. This is the domain of all the tenants. Below that, the building has a direct connection to the airport building, which is accessible to the public. This passage is used by everyone who works here or is visiting the area.

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About WTC Schiphol Airport

For many years now, WTC Schiphol has been a prominent and attractive office complex. Recently, all public areas have undergone a complete makeover and the number of facilities, such as meeting rooms, restaurants, bars and relaxation areas, has been significantly expanded. Flexible workplaces have also been created where employees can work and concentrate in peace. Finally, a sunny outdoor terrace has been created for informal meetings or drinks. The result is a great place to work and the perfect business card for your company.

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The location is of course top notch. You are in the most international place in Europe, with direct connections all over the world. Large international companies have their home base or offices here. And of course, all the major cities in the Netherlands and Europe are easily accessible from Schiphol by train or car. If you choose WTC Schiphol Airport, you choose international allure. A place where people really want to work and where you can receive your relations, literally at a high level.

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I’ve worked in this building for 22 years. It’s a great place to work with international people from all over the world. We have a lot of business activities and of course the Socialclub. It’s really the place to be.

Leonard Dijkstra

Schiphol Travel International


A healthy and sustainable building

At WTC Schiphol Airport, we weave sustainability into everything we do. Our building is BREEAM certified. We want to lead the way in sustainability and technology, with a strong focus on service, quality improvement, user experience and possibilities to further tailor office use to future user demand. Individuals are also increasingly concerned about their ecological footprint and we help contribute to this in their daily work.

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Help with international business

WTC Netherlands

The collaborating World Trade Centers in the Netherlands are the regional hub for international business. Our experienced Trade Associates guide SME entrepreneurs who want to do business without borders. We provide access to more than 750,000 organisations worldwide. That’s how we give your international entrepreneurial success a flying start.

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WTC Association

Since the opening of the first World Trade Center in the United States, WTC has been a symbol of high-quality service, endless hospitality and an innovative mentality. With some 300 WTCs in more than 100 countries worldwide, WTC is home to successful entrepreneurs, both on a national and international level.

The goal of each WTC is to create a dynamic work environment, where entrepreneurs can get all the support they need to grow their business. In that way, The World Trade Center’s Association contributes to global trade and the flourishing of successful businesses.

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CBRE Dutch Office Fund

WTC Schiphol is managed by the WTC Management Team. Together, with all the people who work for our tenants every day, we make WTC Schiphol the place that has everything needed for business success. The WTC Management Team is on the lookout every day, to make things as nice as possible for all our tenants. Of course, they advise and assist the tenants, but they also ensure that all services are more than excellently organised. ICT, security, access control, parking, catering, a pleasant indoor climate, etc. Nothing escapes their professional eyes and ears and they set the bar high for themselves.

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Our team is always ready to advise and assist you. Real professionals who are happy to help you and quickly find their way around our office and beyond.

WTC management team

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WTC Schiphol Airport is jointly owned by CBRE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT and SCHIPHOL COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE. Two organisations that consider quality and service of paramount importance.

About the owners of WTC Schiphol Airport

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