Business travel organisation, Schiphol Travel International, provides professional, five-star services to multinationals. The location at WTC Schiphol is obvious, given the name and location, but there’s more than meets the eye. The WTC concept fits seamlessly with what Schiphol Travel International stands for. Daan Lenderink, CEO of Schiphol Travel International, explains why.

The strength of the WTC concept

The greatest strength of WTC Schiphol is its mixing power, according to Lenderink. “The WTC concept is all about making it easy for companies to do business with each other. We can help many companies with our support services and find each other very easily.”

International appeal

“In addition, the WTC Schiphol image perfectly matches what we stand for as an organisation. We provide exclusive, five-star services, where each client has a fixed and experienced contact person. Our office and its surroundings must be a professional reflection of this. That is the case at WTC Schiphol. WTC Schiphol has a luxurious, international aura and offers an enterprising working environment with high-quality facilities.”

Unique combination of WTC and airport

In addition, WTC Schiphol is unique in its kind, according to Lenderink. “The combination of a WTC and an airport is simply a great idea. I know of no other example in the world where this has been done. The combination provides a unique business cross-pollination. For example, we are located between two five-star hotels, which creates a dynamic trading platform, that allows us to do good business with each other.”

"The combination of a WTC and an airport is simply a great idea."

Daan Lenderink

CEO of Schiphol Travel International

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